Why Are Timberlands So Expensive

Timberland shoes are iconic pairs in the world. Moreover, every man, woman, and even kids want to wear timberland boots in his every journey. But the most asking fact is that why is timberland so expensive?

Here is the answer, because timberland footwear is top in quality, durability, art, style, innovative features, waterproof, work performance, strong, and outstanding products for hiking. Furthermore, timberland boot pairs are soft, comfortable, sturdy, and provide the best cushioning to your heels, knees, and feet.

Moreover, you can wear them with different dresses like jeans and a coat to get a stylish look. Every timb’s pair are not expensive but good in all features for all the people to get original comfort & premium quality for many years. But the main factor is that their prices are high but they are worth the money.

If you are going on hiking, climbing, mounting, or you work in the engine room, electric department, or workshop the timberland’s boots will be a great partner of your feet to make your life easy & also versatile. But they can be expensive.

Why is timberland So Expensive?

Because the timberland footbeds are crafted with the best materials such as pure leather they come from animals. The timberlands have become the first choice of hikers, and trainers therefore these footwears are high in price.

These iconic footwears are sustainable since they are made. And timberland brand main focus on material, design, and innovative features that helps to the peoples to get more adventure in less time. Timberlands boots are very long-last therefore they are valuable stock in every way.

The biggest reason for its high cost is its popularity over the world. They are very famous among millions of people and it’s by default bring the high cost of that tag to the company.

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By purchasing this footbed you not only support the brand but also the communities but this brand is expensive. Another cause of its expensiveness is that these timberlands provide a better user experience and make your life luxurious.

They are good looking, provide the best results, safety, and warm shell in the cold season. This is also the biggest cause that makes timberland the most expensive product in society.

Vogue and Admiration of Timberland

The timberland shoes were launches in 1970, and they are very popular since they come on earth. But its sales rapidly enhance in 1990. Therefore they become expensive footbeds.

Most famous music artists, fashion designers, tv celebrities, and rappers wear timberlands to increase their popularity in the global village. You can check its look is completely different from other shoe construction. . They work well on rugged surfaces, therefore these footwears are expensive.

The most famous original timberland “Yellow Men’s 6-inch waterproof shoe pair” is also expensive but its features are fantastic.

Now, you can shop for it, if it is not expensive or hard for you. Just choose it from amazon and place an order to get quick shipping.

Is timberland worth the money?

Yes, timberlands are worth the money because they are designed with genuine materials including leather, rubber, and metal. The timberland shoe price between $100 to $150 is reasonable to get high quality, durability, and stability. But this can be expensive for many peoples.

These shoes develop especially as work boots, therefore, they are so expensive. So, different types of timber are available in the market with advanced technology but may be expensive for you. The most amazing fact about these footbeds is that they help to avoid every pain problem that occurs during working hours.

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In this way, the timberland footbed is worth the money. These footbeds are durable & versatile to bring a variety of styles with outfits.

Timberland footwears offer comfort, softness, cushioning, and remove the wet & deliver dry shell. They work on every surface like concrete and rocks. These shoes absorb shock hazards and come almost in every color. This is also a big cause that footbeds are expensive.

Men’s 6-inch Basic Waterproof Padded Collar Boot

Timberland Men's Ankle Boot, Wheat Nubuck, 9.5

This is the best water-resistant footbed that holds a variety of features to facilitate everyone. They come in yellow color. Timberland men’s footbeds are breathable, extremely powerful, and seem like excellent footwear to get a classic look.

This real product is ideal for every hunter, hiker, and mountaineer. Just put your feet into them & go for a new adventure. This shoe collection is highly famous due to its true size, fit, color, and pretty design. If you are willing to pay for this article then just browse www.amazon.com.

You don’t need to make deep research because these brand products are easy to find. When you will wear these boots you will get a tremendous performance all day & night.

Material & Build

This shoe development comes true with leather, imported, and rubber. These boots shaft measure is ‘7’ inch. Timbs boots heel measure is ‘1’ inch. Moreover, they can be utilized as casual boots throughout the year from Jan to Dec.

This footwear is nice at the working surface and keeps your feet stable & comfort will never end. These boots are pro in features by giving a good feel. Let’s buy these boots to enjoy your life for many days, months, and years. But proper care must require by these anti-fatigue timbs.

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  • Best buying & worn-able product at all surfaces.
  • These boots come with a padded collar.
  • These boots have 400-grams PrimaLoft insulation and rustproof hardware for long-lasting wearing.
  • This footbed series comes in various colors including wheat and rust.
  • Adjustable laces with metal holes and good boots for wide feet.


  • Not for kids and is a bit heavy.
  • Expensive boots but offer a lot of roomy shells for always.
  • Not for skating but good to take adventures in life.

Rate: 4.9/5

Are Timberlands So Expensive


As we all know that timberland boots are expensive because they are much popular, top-class in quality, style, and strong. But if you need waterproof, soft, and durable timbs then the above mention 6-inch basic waterproof footwear is for you.

I know this is expensive. But also brilliant in all ways. And you can also search for many other timberland footbeds that are a little bit less in price than the above footwear.


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