Neuropathy Light Boots review Of 2021

Neuropathy is a nightmare for people affected by it. Out of all its types, peripheral neuropathy is the most dangerous. It causes severe pain as it damages the nerves causing numbness in the hands and feet.

But did you know there are special boots for neuropathy? When it comes to your feet protection, all shoes cannot fulfill your needs. So, if you regularly suffer from severe foot pain and want to treat, cure, and prevent it, a pair of neuropathy light boots will be helpful.

No doubt, infrared light therapy is the best way to treat and prevent neuropathy and say goodbye to severe pain in your feet. So, this neuropathy light boots review is what you need to read if you also suffer from peripheral neuropathy pain.

DGXINJUN Red Light Therapy Devices Foot Pain Relief Slipper Review


Unlike many other technical LED devices, the DGXINJUN Red Light Therapy device comes with an elegant and simple design to relieve foot pain. However, this simple device slipper has some amazing features packed inside that make the neuropathy treatment fast and fun.

The device comes in the form of a simple foot slipper. However, it is not to be used like a slipper you use inside the house. The simple design makes them super-easy to use, making them excellent light therapy boots.


We like how these neuropathy boots fit. The company offers a large slipper with a double-padded design to make it suitable for all people.

As the slippers aren’t meant for outdoor wear, their design doesn’t have to be stylish. The only thing that matters is their effectiveness and fit.

So, the shoes are large and simple to make them an ideal fit for all. They measure 12.5 inches in length and 5.3 inches in width. This length and width are more than enough for people with large and wide feet.

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Even if you have small and narrow feet, it doesn’t matter because you don’t have to wear the boots around the house. It’s just the therapy session of a few minutes. So, the slippers need to be wide enough to accommodate your feet inside with comfort.

If the slipper is tight, one cannot even get their painful feet inside. So, the larger size is a blessing in disguise. It helps you to get your aching feet inside easily and treat them with the light therapy design.

LED lights

The slippers have 132 total LEDs. The amount of LED lights in a single shoe is huge and enough to provide effective neuropathy treatment in a few uses.

The light system of the slippers consists of medical-grade infrared and red lights. They deeply penetrate the tissues and muscles and provide relief to your feet.

Out of these 132 lights, there are 66 pcs of 660nm red lights and 88 pcs of 880nm infrared lights. These lights spread out evenly through the entire slipper and help alleviate the pain, no matter how deep and severe it is.

So, we can say that the light therapy pads of these slippers have efficient LED lights that work best for neuropathy treatment.


The DGXINJUN red light therapy boots offer superior comfort with their advanced features. The double-sided pad design and secured stitching make them highly durable and comfortable.

The slippers are made from soft, flexible, and durable microplush fibers that add comfort. The double-sided pad makes them thick and soft. So, the slippers are lightweight and durable with additional comfort anyone needs for infrared light therapy.

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The efficient LED lights are strong enough to penetrate their effects deep into your foot and calm the nerves. The design covers the whole foot, including the toes and instep joints.

Fast mechanism

These neuropathy boots have a fast and efficient mechanism to relieve your foot pain. The LED lights are evenly distributed, and the boots cover the whole foot to provide maximum and quick results in no time!

The treatment time using these boots is only 20 minutes, and you can use them multiple times per day. However, if you have severe pain, you cannot expect instant results. It will take time and some days to alleviate your pain completely.

In the 20 minutes of the neuropathy treatment, the LED lights reach the deep nerves in your feet. They relax your muscles, relieve the pain, and also ensure safe blood circulation. The boots also release muscle spasm and stiffness related to arthritis.


These neuropathy light boots are the easiest to use. You need to sit down, plug the device, turn it on, and relax until your treatment proceeds.

The treatment time is super-fast, and the boots ensure the best results. Even if you don’t feel the effects quickly, your muscle pain will be relieved to some extent.

Besides, you can use the slippers anywhere anytime, even while traveling or at work. This feature provides many conveniences to office workers and those who travel frequently. In this way, you can get instant pain relief anytime.

The 15 feet power cord is also long enough, and its wide voltage range fits all local voltages, making it a highly versatile neuropathy light boot.

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The best part of the boots is their safety mechanism. The auto shut-off feature automatically turns the device off after 20 minutes and protects your feet from extra heat and light. In this way, you have time to cool your body and prepare it for the next session.


  • These boots are affordable and less expensive than many neuropathy treatments.
  • They provide an easy and efficient way to relieve your muscle spasms and foot pain.
  • It provides fast and drug-free physical therapy treatment.
  • These boots also come with a one-year warranty.
  • The design fits all foot sizes, and the boots are safe for all skin types.


  • They cannot completely cure peripheral neuropathy but provide an easy way to relieve severe pain.
  • You have to wait for a few sessions to see the results.

Where to buy it?

DGXINJUN Red Light Therapy Devices Near Infrared LED Pad 880 NM...


The DGXINJUN red light neuropathy boots offer many conveniences while helping to release severe foot pain. Their easy-to-use design and portability make them highly versatile as they provide quick treatment anytime.




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