Most Common Shoe Size In The US For Men And Women

It is very tough to find shoes that may fit your feet perfectly because the size and width of each foot vary. You can find different sizes of shoe in the USA stores but the average size that fit male in the USA is 11.

Most selling size for females in the USA is 8.5 but you must use the sizing chart. It means that the average shoe size of people with the same but different countries is different. In the US shoe sizes are getting large for the last few decades due to the increase in people’s height and foot length and width.

In this guide, we are going to discuss the factors that affect the sizing of feet in different people. We are also discussing the most common size of shoe for men and women. We always feel proud to answer the frequently asked questions about the men’s and women’s perfect shoe sizes.

Factors Affecting Foot Size

It is been noticed that in the US, UK, and EU, men, women, and kids shoe sizes are changing in the last few years. Some factors are involved in changing the standard shoe size range decades after decades across the world. Few factors are discussed below after huge research.


Height is directly affecting the average male shoe size and average shoe size for women. A taller guy has a larger foot size while a smaller guy has a smaller foot size, which means a taller guy needs a large base to balance the body. But it is not always true because it is anecdotal and there is no authenticated and verified data about it.

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Genetics and Inheritance:

Shoe sizing is also depending on the genetics of a family. A family with large feet will bear with a baby with large feet as well. It is not anecdotal, it is proven scientifically.


Mean shoe size for men and women changes in the association of body weight. A fatty person must have larger feet to keep his body balanced. While a lean person should need small feet to balance himself.

Condition of Foot:

The condition of the foot may change in different disorders and working situations. In US women only need shoe size chart once in the life because they take care off their feet and remains healthy the whole life. But in Asian countries, women need shoe size guide many times in life because they work in fields.

In pregnancy, it is a natural phenomenon that the feet of some women swell and shoe size for a woman increase. In diabetic women and men, shoe size also changes. So choose shoes of popular shoe manufacturers who are manufacturing international shoes that are the best shoe in all situations.


Age is another factor that participates in changing the average size of a shoe for a woman and a man. You start shoe at the size of zero of your baby but as it grows up its changes according to shoe size by age chart. Once a person starts wearing an adult shoe, then he starts wearing average shoe sizes for men for many years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are men’s and women’s shoe sizes the same in the US?

It is a true fact that average shoe sizes for women and men are not the same in any corner of the world with the same height and age. Size systems and size scale for men and women are different. The average size of women is small of the same age as men. In the US size of men is also greater than women.

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What is the average shoe size for a 5’7″ male?

The average shoe size for a 5’7″ male is different in different countries. In British, European, and Japanese size of the shoe is 9.5, 44, and 28 respectively equivalent to the US shoe size of a 5 feet 7 inches male. You may check shoe size conversion charts for men that are available at different stores and websites.

What is the most common shoe size for men in the US?

In the USA, the most commonly shoes worn by men are of size 10.5. You will find a lot of shoes of size from 9 to 12 in stores because these sizes help ones to get comfort plus ease in walking and running.

What is the most common shoe size for US females?

The most common size of shoe for females in the USA is 8.5. In the US, in stores and online shoes of sizes 7 to 10 are handy and convenient to purchase.

How to select perfect-sized footwear?

The first thing to know is the measurement of your feet in inches or cm. Then ask the sales boy to show you shoes of your size. Start at size from larger to smaller, select the size bigger than size fits your feet tightly. Don’t choose tight shoes because these may damage your feet after some time.

Recommended Shoes:

After huge research, we are recommending some shoes. You may buy these shoes to enjoy your life with easy walking.

For Men:

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For Women:

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Most common shoe size in the US for men and women


In the end, we feel proud to say we have made the best research and created a perfect guideline for our visitors. We also considered all the factors that affect the shoe size and recommended the best pair of shoes for our women and men audience. We also added the most common size of boots for women and men used in the USA, UK, and other European countries.

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We are always waiting for your replies about our guide in the comment section. We are only doing this to observe audience feedback for improving our services. So don’t be shy in leaving a comment under the post.


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