How to Make Shoes Slippery for Shuffling?

Shuffling means movement of feet for dance or sports. Do you want to know the tips on how to make shoes slippery for shuffling dance? Then you have to need to read this article. As we know that most peoples want to make shoes less slippery.

But now, we are talking about how to make shoes slippery for shuffling. Because peoples did shuffle dance or feet dance by wearing shoe pair.  But one thing must remember that don’t walk in slippery shoes otherwise you can fall and get injured.

Shoes Slippery for Shuffling

So, you can use slippery shoes for dancing purposes. Now, here you will find the best methods which help in making slippery soles. The slippery soles will give you perfect dance movements on any type of floor like tiles.

1. Simply Oiling shoes sole

This method is very easy and simple. In this process, you should gently apply oil to the sole of your shoes.

You can also apply oil on your slippers to get shuffle steps. If the floor is rigid and your boots are anti-slippery then take use this process to get the best dancing moves. This method will make the footwear well shuffle for dance or walk. This is a low-budget process but gives the best results.

2. Use Sandpaper

Sandpaper also use to get high slippery shoes for shuffling dance by the individuals.

Firstly, hold up the shoes from the upper side or inside the shoes. Additionally, it will better if you insert your hands in the shoe.

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Now, take a piece of sandpaper and start rubbing it to the outer sole. And please must rub the heel area because this part bit higher than the others. Additionally, rubbing quite helps to remove extra friction.

And must check the sole time to time to know about the volume of slippery. so, when you feel the outer sole has become smooth, let’s wipe it. Then, dip into oil, it will help to remove sand make them soft and slippery for shuffling dance.

You can repeat this process to make your shoes perfect even for work surfaces. After rubbing with sandpaper and oil application, it will bring slippery shoes for dance practice.

 3. Use of Suede Paper

Many dance people use suede paper to get slippery shoes for shuffle dance. Because this best way to make your casual shoes. However, this method is different but works exactly correctly.

If your dancing shoe pair do not give the best dance performance and comfort, it may be losing their slipperiness. So, you can restore without any harmful effects.

  • Place the suede paper on a flat surface.
  • Now, put your shoes on the suede paper and trace with a pencil.
  • Let’s cut the tracing area and you also can buy ready-made suede paper online.
  • The suede paper contains adhesive tape, remove the tape and fix it on the shoe sole.
  • By applying this procedure you successfully get slippery shoes for shuffling dance.

4. Use of Gaffer tape

If your body is not flexible and you need extra flexible dance moves to break the record of other dancers then you need self-slippery shoes which help to take ankle move dance. As you knew very well slippery shoes are not suitable for game players due to slipperiness.

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So, the slippery soles provide proper stability on various surfaces to the dancers. But must walk carefully with slippery soles before or after a dance session. Let’s learn the proper use of gaffer tape to make shoes slippery.

The first step is to attach the tape to one end side of the shoe sole.

Open the tap slowly and start rub over the shoe sole and avoid dirt. You can apply this process on sneakers and it never makes it uncomfortable to the sole.

Benefits & Features of slippery shoes for shuffling dance.

  • Slippery shoes are worn able to perform every type of dance like hip hop.
  • Just Bottom slippery soles can bring smoothness in shuffle dance.
  • Often slippery shoes are used on ice by Seniors dancers.
  • If you are going walking get change with slippery shoes but care is much important.
  • They never affect the surfaces.
  • Good slippery shoe grip along sound is great.
  • They give great pivoting and top turn during walking.
  • Slippery shoes are safe, especially for dance shuffles.
  • Slippery shoes ideal for every dancer due to style and pads.
  • They loved to your heels and build rhythm by removing noise.
  • They prevent falling and reduce toe works.
  • Olive oil slippery shoes helping out to dance easily on hard surfaces.
  • Slick sole helps to get fit position even on hard floors.
  • Helps to deliver Big slipping steps.
  • Slippery soles work perfectly on concrete floors rather than in wet conditions.

How to Make Shoes Slippery for Shuffling


Are you buying sneakers or sandals and they are not slippery? Now this problem has been solves. Because we present various methods to make them slippery for shuffling dance. Now, you can easily make new and older shoes more slippery as you like.

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Slippery shoes offer a big advantage like you can attend all types of dance classes with one pair. Let’s make slippery shoes at home to polish dance steps in a short period. With slippery shoes, you will found the best dance position.


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