How to Clean Rod Laver Shoes?

Rod laver shoes are designed by the Adidas brand. This shoe pair is highly liked by the new generation due to its unique cut & comfortable leather material. These shoes give the original classic look when you wear them.

Because its chic style in white color gives a vibe of exclusive comfort even for a long period. Besides that, peoples also love rod laver shoes due to their true clean & fashionable style.

The super fact about this footwear is they have air mesh which keeps your feet fresh even all day. The clean rod laver shoes are superstar footwear for professional trainers.

Additionally, you can use these shoes for walking, and going to the gym. If you are looking for dirty-free, flexible, and the best brand new shoe pairs then rod laver shoes from Adidas will be a great choice.

Moreover, this shoe’s name is inspired by Australian tennis player Rodney George laver. Mostly, buyers want to get lightweight, stylish, and clean shoes and they also worry about cleaning guides.

So, we will help you with, how to clean rod laver shoes. Just, review this edition to pick the right info. You must apply these legendary steps to keep the same color & quality of rod laver shoes even after a long time.

Some Steps to Clean Rod Laver Shoes

1.   Firstly withdraw the shoe’s laces

To clean rod laver shoes by Adidas is not a hard job. First of all, lose the laces and get them off with care.

Now, you should start to clean laces with water meek soap. Mildly rub the entire laces for a few minutes, and ensure that stains have been removed. Now, wash them with simple water and let them dry under the shade for some time.

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2. Insert Towel, cloth, or paper inside the Rod laver shoes

Before starting to clean your entire shoes, you should put paper, towel, or cloth under the shoes which helps to prevent insoles to keep dry. Additionally, these essentials will also absorb moisture and help to clean easily.

It may also add value to shoes by maintaining the same shape.

3. Wash & Clean the Mesh of lavers

The third step is very important because various activities are conducted under this step. These activities will support discovering the same colors back in your favorite Rod pairs.

4. Remove extra dirt with Bristle brush

Now, the time to use a bristle brush to clean excessive dirt from shoe mesh. Gently motion is a great way to remove dirt and mild pressure to wash it.

Let’s make solutions which used by Professionals

Today, we come with the two best solutions recommended by the legendary shoe manufacturer.

1.  Mild detergent plus hot water solution

Just take a bowl, put 2-3 tablespoons of any detergent and add some hot water. Now, mix both ingredients properly. When the solution becomes a bit sticky, start to use it.

You should take a soft brush or cloth, dip it into the solution, and gently motion for 15-minutes in the mesh on the dirt of Rod Laver Shoes. And, take hot water into another bowl and rinse the cloth or brush to avoid spreading dirt.

After this wash the shoes simply. But one thing must remember that don’t use any bleaching powder because it can damage your lavers.

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2.  Solution or paste of baking soda plus white Vinegar

If your rod laver shoe color is not white then don’t use baking soda. Because shoes’ color will fade. If your laver color is white then you can easily use it.

So, take baking soda and vinegar to mix them well to get the perfect paste. Take a brush and apply this paste on shoe mesh dirt spots and start scrub for 15-20 minutes. After this, take a clean cloth and wipe out the paste.

This method is signature to save these shoe items by keeping stylish, and original shape for always.

4. Time to Clean the Leather Synthetic

Let’s take a soft brush dip into any solution, and start scrubbing for 2 minutes. After this, get a clean cloth, and wipe out the excess dirt from the leather. You can use melamine foam if the leather color is white. It will help to avoid faded other colors.

5. Clean the Midsole with detergent solution

Now, the time to clean the midsole of your laver shoes. Take a strong bristle brush dip into the detergent solution, scrubbing on the midsole for 10 minutes. After this, wipe them with a wet range or with a clean piece of cloth.

6. Dry the Rod Laver Shoes

Let dry your lavers under the shade or overnight air. Don’t use direct sunlight or an air dryer; it can harm the shape of shoes.

7. Now time to clean suede toe guard

How to Clean Rod Laver Shoes

Get the brush dip into the solution and start scrubbing over the suede toe guard. Most important thing is that don’t flow brush backward.

Because it can change the structure of Rod Laver’s shoe. Now, use a dry soft brush to dry the suede toe guard. If the suede toe has some stains, take an eraser to scrub and remove stains. You can also use water softly to wipe out the stains.

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After cleaning Rod Laver’s shoes you can use a bath towel to clean them again. Let them dry your shoes. Let’s wear them and go anywhere to get enjoyable waves in every step.

Now, you can buy any black, blue, or white laver sneakers at any time online and use them for a long time.

Benefits of clean Rod Laver Shoes

  • Take care and cleaning make shoes healthy for feet.
  • Cleaning help to discover new shoes always.
  • Shoes with Upper lace cleaning increase attractive shoe looks.


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