How to Clean Rainbow Sandals?

If you want stylish, comfortable, leather, long-lasting flip flops then rainbow sandals are best for your feet. The rainbow sandals are well known to mold your feet. Additionally, these rainbow sandals are really great for wide feet and for water use.

Besides this, these sandals become popular a few years ago and still dominated in shoe society. Almost all women prefer to wear rainbow sandals at home and also on the beach.

If you have rainbow sandals but they are ugly then appropriate cleaning requires cleaning. Because at the start of wearing these pairs look fantastic but the end of the summer becomes ugly due to sand and mud.

What are the basic requirements to clean rainbow shoes?

  • You should shop small soft bristle brush. The best recommended brush is Nubuck 4-way leather brush.
  • A new or old Toothbrush in standard size.
  • A soft cloth to wipe the rainbow sandals.
  • Paper towel

1: Method

1st Step to clean Rainbows

Prepare a Some soap Solution

Shacke Suede & Nubuck 4-Way Leather Brush Cleaner

Let’s take some lukewarm water to make a soapy solution. Please, don’t use hot or warm water. Now, add few drops of dish wash soap and mix it well.

 2: Step

Now, the time to get a piece of rag and dip it into this soapy water. After this little bit squeeze this rag to get out excessive water. Let’s start circular motion wipe out dirt.

Maybe there is find excessive dirt on any specific areas of rainbow sandals then you need a bristle brush like an old toothbrush to free them from dirt.

Take complete care at the time of rubbing to keep leather better.

Step: 3

Dry rainbow sandal pairs: Use a paper towel to wipe off damn on your rainbow sandals. You should ensure that the soapy cleaner has been wiped out. Now, the time to dry it in sunlight. But before using it again must sure that it’s completely dry out. This is an easy and good way to discover old shoes like a star.

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This process will help you to get back your regular rainbow sandals bright & original. This soapy solution works properly on rainbow sandals soles to sure its quality.

Step: 4

Deeper cleaning of the rainbow footbed.

Let’s review another way to see cleaned rainbow sandals as compare to other shoes. This method will help to get fresh shoes for girls.

If there are hard stains on rainbow sandals leather start deep cleansing to break them and remove them gently. You should take a hard bristle brush, dip it into a soapy solution and start scrubbing to got stain-free rainbows.

However, this is the latest & authentic way to remove dirt stains on your rainbow sandal.

So, if you apply this process rainbows returns keep unique and dirty-free. This problem has been solved in just a few minutes. So, clean rainbows and live with premier rainbow sandals.

Keep Away Odor from rainbow sandals

After drying rainbow shoes, this is time to remove unwanted odor. Before wearing rainbow sandals on your foot a lot need to dry them in sunlight for some days. Because ultraviolet rays and fresh air will support to eliminate most odor.

But if the odor issue is not soled then must sure shoes have been fully dried.

You need to use rubbing Alcohol

Many people love rainbow sandals because they are suitable for keeping your feet soft and comfortable all day. They work in various wet conditions properly. Let’s use rubbing alcohol to get rid of the odor.

Take a paper towel wet it with rubbing alcohol. And drop them on the inner sole which is directly connected to your feet. So, let them dry for few hours.

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This alcohol never changes the shape of rainbow sandals and nor harms the wearer’s foot. This is the single classic way that helps to remove odor by keeping the same color. It is the best way to save your rainbow sandals for next summer season such as June.

How to Clean Yellow Soles with Baking Soda

If your favorite shoes like sneakers soles become yellow and you want to clean them must review this blog. Because today, we will use baking soda to clean yellow soles by keeping the same design of soles.

Step: 1

Firstly, you should buy or take baking soda from the kitchen and add 1 tablespoon detergent powder. Mix them well to get a better conditioner.

Step: 2

Now, take this solution and add toothpaste to it. Let’s begin to mix them well to get the proper mixture. This is time to clean your yellow insoles.

Step: 3

Let’s used this final paste on your yellow insoles. But before applying this must clean dirt from insoles and then apply it. Take a toothbrush and start rubbing. It is a great agent to clean & clear insoles.

 Step: 4

After rubbing let it out to dry. After dried wash it. You will see your imported shoe’s insoles have been clear and become durable.

All these steps will help every man and women’s shoe insoles to make them brand new again. If you think about the shape of insoles, so, don’t worry because there will be no shape and sizing issue after applying this procedure. It is a delicate method to give smell and stains-free soles.

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This method will never damage your soles and keep like inside polished soles. Our recommended baking soda is Arm & Hammer Baking soda.

Benefits of cleaning and wearing rainbow sandals

How to Clean Rainbow Sandals

  • After cleaning footwear products with above mention method they become fresh even without washing machine use.
  • Cleaning help to keep the wearer’s feet healthy and use them as optimal occasional pair.
  • Cleaning calls to get multi looks with one shoe.
  • By applying the rainbow cleaning method you can clean stock of rainbows by keeping the same molding to feet.
  • The rubber rainbows cleaning is top beneficial for women and men.
  • Cleaning never damages straps and put price-effective benefits.
  • Rainbow sandals are wearable every year in Jan and also apr after cleaning.
  • Spot free rainbow made & clean easily.
  • Rainbow sandals after cleaning are useable in beach condition again and again.
  • An open strap design makes it easy to clean and carry.


Keep Your Shoes Clean

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