10 Ways On How To Break In Cowboy Boots Fast?

Are you Wondering How To Break In Cowboy Boots Fast?

You just bought a new pair of boots, but you feel uncomfortable when you wear them. But don’t worry, we will simply explain it to you. And also we will clear all the common doubts that people usually have in mind. 

And after thoroughly reading this article. You will get to know the best way to stretch out cowboy boots. Our feet are an important part of our body; they support the overall weight of it. They must always be pampered and eliminate different problems.

That may arise from improper use of them, so you need to make sure not to hurt your feet. It will only take a little time, once you understand the concept and the process behind stretching. Then a lot of the things will get easier for you and you could easily perform this task even in a single day.

These are different ways to stretch. You can perform those steps at your home and try it with a boot last if you are going to use a method with expensive footwear.

Make sure that something unforeseen may happen. So we would recommend that you try another pair beforehand. And look at the material the footwear is made to avoid greater evils.


1. Wooden Boots Stretcher

They should be different for each, one for the left foot and one for the right foot. There are some extensible that serve various numbers or sizes. 

Another of its uses, apart from widening or stretch, this stretcher is to preserve and maintain the shapes of it when you store them in the closet and do not use them regularly.

The prices depend on the material of which they are made or the functions. If they are only to maintain the shape or if they also serve to stretch.

2. Use Sprays

It is a slightly more professional way than the alcohol and water method. But add other care to the material, such as shine and softness in the final result.

Start using the mold you have bought by putting it in your shoes. It will contribute to the expansion of your narrow and tight footwear after a certain time. 

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On the other hand, you can benefit significantly from the special shape expanding sprays. Those are available for leather material expansion.

3. Hair Dryer

This method can be used for the expansion of your narrow and tight boots. In this method, after you wet the narrow and squeezing parts of your shoes.

Start drying by setting the hairdryer in your home to the highest temperature setting. Thus, it will expand significantly.

To add that heat point, you can use a hairdryer and fold it to achieve greater flexibility. Then keep them on with the thick socks, and you will get them wider. 

However, also when you finish the process of widening the shoes. Try to put a polish on them to moisten them and prevent them from spoiling as a result of the heat.

On the other hand, this technique that applies heat should be avoided in all those areas. That has some type of decoration or adornments that are adhered with glue.

Try not to get hot airflow on the outside of the products; otherwise, it can damage the leatherette.

4. Freezing

Although it sounds strange, this technique is one of the ones that gives better results. The technique consists of filling a bag of water up to 3/4, close it very well.

And insert that bag inside the material, pressing to fill it. Then put them in the freezer and wait for the water to freeze, you can leave them overnight if you want. 

The water will freeze and make the structure of the material expand. When you take them out of the freezer, you will have to allow them to defrost completely to remove the bag.

Then try them on, and also you can repeat the process. When you take them out from the freezer, let them defrost for a while.

15 Proven Ways On How To Break In Cowboy Boots Overnight?


Another technique that you have surely seen or heard at some time. 

It consists of inserting balls of wet newspaper into them, pressing so that they adapt perfectly to it. This technique allows you to put as much paper as you can inside, since the more paper you use.

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The better it will be, although you must be careful not to deform the model. With these techniques, we can also try the same as in the previous one.

That is, after introducing the wrinkled and wet newspaper, we can put them in the freezer for several hours. Newspapers technique is for those who do not want to move around the apartment, balancing on heels.

We advise you to stuff the thin socks of your footwear (vamp) with wet newspapers. In this way, they are stretched, because it is unlikely that it will be possible to defile around the apartment.

And stand from time to time on the heel and tiptoes in wet socks. If you take a few damp newspaper papers and tuck them tightly and you can mold them.

Let it dry patiently and when they are ready, put them on. You should notice how they fit you better and are not as tight as before.

With a cloth, try to clean any ink stains. That may have remained on the sole to avoid staining your feet, stockings, or socks.


Boil water in a kettle and hold it over the steam. Proceed with caution, as the steam temperature, although not critical for the product. 

It can spoil the appearance and allow the sole to peel off. Although, this is the best way to stretch due to its effectiveness and it works instantaneously. 

After holding them from the inside over the steam for a bit, put them on your foot and gently try to close the bootleg, and slowly fasten the lock. 


The thick socks method is the most used in expanding narrow and tight footwear. You will see that the shoes that tighten start to widen gradually,

by applying more pressure thanks to the thick socks method. If you choose as many thick pairs of socks as possible and walk for 1-2 hours, it will help to expand. 

To do this for your boots is to wear with thick socks.

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Widening with rolled socks: surely you have heard this technique before. You just have to roll the socks into a ball and gradually introduce them until they are tight.

Leave them like this for the whole night. And you will see how you notice the results in just a few hours.

It can put on without a problem the next morning.


Widening with oatmeal is an old trick that people used to shape their leather materials. But it involves filling with oatmeal or another grain that flares with moisture and covering it with water.

The process will last all night, and when you take it out. You will have to thoroughly clean them, which will have a kind of paste inside. 

Some people also use large potatoes to widen, also being something strange. It is somewhat more hygienic than oats because it is also easier to clean.

However, it is a technique that works, and that is why we are telling you about it.


Vinegar and Newspapers Method. Which is one of the most effective solutions to expand narrow and tight shoes.

Emerges as a very useful method that has been used by many groups for a long time. First of all, you need to soak any newspaper piece together with the vinegar until the water comes out. 

Then fill it into your narrow and squeezing foot and keep it at room temperature for a day. This method will help to expand gradually.


How to Stretch Boots