Do ASICS Run Small?

Today, various brands like Brooks, Adidas, and Nike are competitors in the market. The ASICS shoes are much popular in the world. ASICS is a shoe & clothing brand that manufactured a variety of boot pairs for men, kids, and women.

This brand of footwear comes in true size & fit. But mostly peoples ask do ASICS run small?

Let’s find the answer to this question.

We measure ASICS men’s shoes and get the answer, the ASICS men’s boots come half size smaller than run footwear of other brands. Additionally, they are narrow as compared to other shoe manufacturing like Nike, and Adidas. But, the women’s shoes come in true size and fit.

The ASICS boots are versatile to meet your every need in respect to fashion, and style. ASIC produces all sports boots including tennis boots, football shoes, and much more in small & large length. And the amazing fact is that they are top in quality to make sure long time wearing easy.

If the footwear is small in size and bad in fit then it will become difficult to wear them for a long time and play in the field. Because they are small.

Even you can’t walk or run with ease with this small footwear. So, you should choose the best boots that come in different sizes and you can get yours’s one not small.

Because the good sizing makes you’re running easy & speedy and prevents your foot from every type of injury. So, if you want to get the correct size & fit shoes then you need to measure their feet first.

How to measure your Feet?

The measurement of feet is very necessary to get the right footbeds otherwise you can be lose your money. And every runner must be aware of their feet length then he/she will get absolutely correct footwear in every way to get the best results. Generally, women are not focused to measure their feet.

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But this is wrong. Now, follow these steps to avoid small or larger footwear.

  • Use a ruler or loose tape to measure the size of your foot.
  • Must stand in a smooth and Straight place at the time of measuring to avoid small footbeds.
  • You should also straight and then start to measure to eliminate chances of getting a big or small boot pair.
  • Must avoid bending your feet, fingerers, and ankles otherwise you get the wrong footbeds.
  • Another way is, you can also measure your feet length on the paper, just put on your feet on the paper and start to draw a sketch.

After measuring your foot then check the new boot pair that you want to buy. You should see or check the footwear comprehensively including toe box, shock absorption power, customers reviews, and every little & big fact that are essential.

Then you will get the right size & fit boot pair from ASICS and all other brands not small or big.

Use Sizing Chart to Take great size, and fitting

This is another good way to shop for excellent boot pairs. Before investing in any ASICS footwear you need to see a sizing chart that includes all sizes compare to different brands. According to the sizing chart, men who put on 28.5-centimeter shoes should wear 11-size in ASICS running shoes.

However, the women wear 24-centimeter boots that can carry 7 inches running AICS shoes. So, before getting any new pair from ASICS must measure your foot’s length, and compare them with the brand. Normally, these processes help all the people to get better ASICS shoes.

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The ASICS shoes give a lot of traction, comfort, and roomy feel all day. Most runners prefer to wear ASICS boots because these footbeds make sure high speed with cushion and deliver better performance in the ground.

ASICS Women’s Gel Dedicate-6 Tennis shoe

ASICS Women's Gel-Dedicate 6 Tennis Shoes, 6, Smoke Blue/White

This is the best-run shoe for women that belong to the ASICS Company and are not small. And these boots tend to be good for a wide and narrow foot. The important fact is that they are similar to a sneaker. Additionally, this ASICS women’s footbed provides high safety, back support, improves speed, and gives a better experience to all the runners.

You can wear these boots for the whole day and even many days but comfort & cushion will never end. This is a financially affordable and works-like device in the field.

You can easily run and walk with these ASICS shoes. They come in true size and fit but before the shop, this shoe must follow the above-mentioned tips to measure your foot’s length and check the sizing chart. This will support avoiding small and large footwear.

May you thought that can we wear these boots every season? Yes, you can wear these ASICS boots in winter, summer, and also from Jan to Dec. Moreover, these boots give heat in cool weather. Its padded collar and EVA midsole offer the highest cushioning.

Material & Build

ASICS women’s footwears design by using synthetic, mesh, and rubber soles. These boots are made with advanced technology such as gel that offers long-term comfort, and cushion during a running race. This shoe model deals smoothly with your feet and improves the performance rate in less time.

The biggest purpose of wearing this boot pair is to get a roomy feel for many hours and days. Usually, trainers and runners prefer to use these ASICS boots in several pieces of training though to get high runs.

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In these ASICS footbeds, your feet are able to move naturally in the normal way and a bigger toe box gives stability to the forefoot.


  • EVA midsole offers comfort, cushion, flexibility, and rise rebound when moving around the court and makes run easy.
  • This AICS shoe creates good stability, absorb shocks, give high traction, and stylish shoe.
  • Adjustable upper laces, and design in a wide range of colors including white/red.
  • You can use these boots for many purposes including wrestling training, running, and many others if not small for you.
  • Come in true fit.


  • Maybe these ASICS not good for narrow feet.

Rate: 4.7/5

ASICS Run Small


The ASICS footwears are excellent for run, walk, and gym use but they can be small or large in size as compare to other brand sizes. So, the important thing which you need to follow is discussed above in detail. If you get the correct length footwear then you will make your run life easy.

But if you get small boot pair then they will create discomfort for your feet. So, you should buy a very carefully new ASICS boot pair to get high speed, natural move, and much more.


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