Can You Use Vaseline to Waterproof Boots?

Most shoes are not water-resistant due to some technical reasons like material & construction. But, if you are thought that leather boots are waterproof then you must know that all hide footwear is not wet-resistant. Though, you can apply some tips to make them water-resistant.

But, now the question is that can you use Vaseline to waterproof boots?

Yes, you can use Petroleum jelly to make your leather shoe pair water-resistant temporarily. This will help to get old or used footwear back in the wardrobe like new footwear. The skin-calf boots are slip-resistant for all conditions like oil, water, and concrete.

How make your shoes waterproof with Vaseline?

Vaseline is a solid, versatile, and strong product that locks the moisture from getting into the boot pair. Moreover, maybe you use Vaseline petroleum for the protection of skin and at the same time, this is a great item for leather-made products like footwear.

Additionally, Vaseline keeps your work boots the same shin, color, and prevent wrinkles but its fantastic formula is good for water-resisting boots. And petroleum jelly Vaseline works properly on leather stuff though you don’t need to polish the footbed.

Besides this, it helps to eliminate all problems of your boot pair like scratches and cracks with making them wet-resistant. You should try out this technique to make your boots water-resistant even with soften, and shine.

Please follow these below steps to make your hiking, climbing, and all-leather boots.

  1. First, pick up a bristle brush and start cleaning your hide boots and special from the heel, and around the seams.
  2. Now, take the 1-table spoon of Petroleum jelly Vaseline into the shoes with the towel, paper, and begin rubbing with fingers in a circular motion.
  3. After applying Vaseline, now is the time to clean extra petroleum jelly from boots with a clean cloth.
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This small process works great on all types of leather boots like a cowboy. Now, your boots have become water-resistant and shiny like lip-gloss, so, you can wear them in rain, and snow. Additionally, this method helps most probably to protect your wearing boots from the peel.

Vaseline is a major part of our life by existing in every home in the world because it gives a large amount of soft and silky touch to our skin & body.

So, it works perfectly on leather boots then you can use them on every condition with high confidence.

Important Tips before Applying Vaseline on Leather Boots

  • Before applying Petroleum Jelly Vaseline on leather boots you should follow some tips to get something better, and free from scars.
  • If you want to get many best results then please clean the leather boot pair then you will see the quick & softer surface of the shoe.
  • For applying the Vaseline on the boots you need to use super clean & lint cloth to get good-looking leather boots for walking, and hiking in the jungle.
  • You should apply enough amount of Vaseline on the leather boot pair & sink it by using the hair-dryer to ensure that petroleum jelly go-well into the pores of leather-like naturally not temporarily. This will help you to get proper shine close and water-resistant footwear.
  • The important fact is that must buff off the excessive Vaseline from the top side of the boots. And don’t wear immediately shoes after this process rather wait for 1-hour to dry them.
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How your shoes can be waterproof with other products?

There are many tricks to waterproofing shoes like wax, gel, spray, and Vaseline. By using all or one of these items you will take a waterproof shoe pair for short-span. Let’s discuss one by one every product that might be great for your leather boots.

Use Waterproof Spray

The waterproof spray helps you convert normal shoes into wet-resistive. This kind of spray can be put on different types of materials. It works greatly on suede & soft stuff without damaging them. Just pick any best quality waterproof spray and get long-last benefits.

Use of Nikwax on Suede and canvas footwear

Nikwax is a good brand for the production of wax and gel that supports waterproof leather and canvas. So, clean the shoes and then apply wax that always cares about the shoe material & health of your feet.

Use of Silicone Spray

Many sprays are based on silicon that’s why they work great on a variety of materials like canvas, suede, leather, and synthetic. This is the best way to make leather boots waterproof.

Can You Use Vaseline to Waterproof Boots


After discussing multiple methods inside this article, in the end, we come to this conclusion the Vaseline is a good product to sealant water and it helps to avoid get enter into bots. Most people expect that these ways are long-term for waterproofing.

But they are wrong this processes are not long-last to get waterproof shoes. However, I think that all processes are a good helper to create water-resistant leather boots, oh really, yes.

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But if you are not satisfied with them then invest in Doc marten 1460 waterproof boot pair. This shoe will help you to get desired results.


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