Can You Sleep On Your Side With A Broken Ankle?

If you have got a foot or ankle fracture, many questions may pop up in your mind. Answer to all your questions will be given in this guide. Foot and ankle broken bones and sprain cause a lot of pain in the knee joint.

Sleeping within 48 hours of the foot, ankle, knee, or leg bone injury is a challenge. Ankle sprains also participate in pain like a fractured ankle. Any other fracture can also cause pain and take you trouble while sleeping.

Sleeping is a problem that occurs after surgery or cast-on injuries. Broken bones or injuries take longer to heal and place you on the bed till your recovery. Muscles or ligaments in sports injury most often move one to bed for three to five days or more based on the severity of the injury.

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Never Forget RICE

Moving to the next lines we will ask you to read the following steps carefully so that risk of painful nights and days could be removed. Remember RICE to get rid of pain and heal a broken bone. Where

R is for rest,

I is for Ice,

C is for compression

E is for Elevation.


Along with medication, give rest to your body and injured which reduces the pain help in healing faster. If you don’t take rest pain and dislocation of bones, muscles, and ligaments may occur.


For the first two to three days, apply ice packs to your injured ankles to reduce swelling and pain. After this apply heat packs but one important thing especially to be remembered is that don’t apply ice and heat directly on the skin.


Wrapping or compression of the affected part with a cotton bandage. Don’t compress it tightly because instead of reducing swelling it increases it. Common symptoms of the tight bandage are pain and swelling including coolness, tingling, numbness, under the affected region. If you feel severe pain, refer to your healthcare provider as soon as possible.

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Make an elevation of height more than the heart commonly known for just reducing swelling without causing severe pain. With a foot or ankle surgery, you must elevate your foot high enough than your heart to avoid ankle pain and ankle problems.

We advise that please use a soft elevating pillow right under the affected area before going asleep. For your ease, place an order for elevating pillow on amazon to avoid moving outside in the situation of Coronavirus. To place an order.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you sleep on my side with a leg cast?

You may sleep in any posture but Orthopedic surgeons recommend sleeping on your back. Find a position where you sleep better either on your side or back. Visit your doctor’s clinic and tell if your ankle injury is frequently causing pain.

If you are sleeping in the bed then sleep in the middle of the bed so that you can change your position from side to side. If you notice swelling and pain from the ankle fracture then put a leg elevation pillow under your foot to take your pain off. First, try to sleep on the side opposite to the injury and if want to sleep on the side of the injury need a pillow inside both legs which lowers the chance of getting hurt.

Recommended Elevation Pillow

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You will come across many pillows in the market but our recommended pillow is light in weight and usually referred by a doctor. You can also use this if get damage to the hip and shoulder joint.

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How do I sleep on my side with a leg cast?

It is a tough job to sleep on your side to side with a leg cast so your doctor advises you to sleep on your back. To sleep on your side place elevating pillow on the lateral side of the injured bone. Or want to sleep on another side then place it in the center of your legs.

Can I sleep on my side with a broken ankle?

Yes, you may sleep in any posture where you feel and sleep better unless you feel unease. Take precautions mentioned above, to avoid ankle problems, swelling, and pain from the ankle fracture.

Why does a broken ankle hurt more at night?

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It is a true fact that a broken ankle hurts more at night than in day time. The night is time to sleep, all physical activities of the body stops, and the blood supply to every organ is equal. Supply to ankle become more than day time so it causes swelling which in return hurt you.

If you feel it is worse to keep your affected areas with plaster or cast onto the elevated foam or pillow. And if feel foam much hard and extreme pressure on the fractured bone. Then you can use three options either use splint, supportive ankle brace, and leg hanging stand, or refer your healthcare provider.

Can I walk with a sprained ankle?

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Ankle gets sprained when one falls from stairs walking in an emergency or little negligence and ankle twists occur suddenly. It is a result of dislocated muscles of metatarsal bones. First of all, try to twist your foot gently and in a proper way and get the muscles in their original alignment.

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Yes, you can go anywhere, just wear a walker boot on a twisted or sprained ankle normally with bearing less pain. On the parallel side, do your treatment complete in a proper way. Walker boot can be removed for the bathing outer side of the leg.

Can You Sleep On Your Side With A Broken Ankle


In the end, we will say that if you follow the instructions it takes longer to get a positive experience and results in a decrease in the quantity of anesthesia. There are other different ways and tips that are helpful in your medical health improvement.

It is reported by patients that using upper tips, we can go back and continue our normal life. Meanwhile, your treatment takes enough healthy diet to compete for weakness in the body.

Let us know about your feedback in our comment section. After getting deep well-applied knowledge we have written a complete guide, still want to adjust other things with your comments.


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