Can a Cobbler Make Shoes Smaller?  

There is a possibility; you buy a shoe pair online from any website but the shoes are not true in fit, and large in size. Then you thought that can a cobbler make shoes smaller?

Because a cobbler is a professional person who can repair sandals, slippers, and boots. If your shoes are too large, there will be difficult but not impossible to make them smaller. Additionally, you must take advantage of the return policy by returning shoes, may it helps you.

However, the cobblers can apply some tricks or home methods to create the shoes according to your size or fitting. These tricks will support making big shoes small by keeping them safe.

Cobbler Make Shoes Smaller

Most people are scared to apply any trick on the new shoe but the right methods make sure you get the best results in less time. So, let’s discuss & try some simple tips to create the perfect size.

1.  By adding a gel padding in the ball position of the foot

The cobbler uses this method to made shoes little for everyone. In this process; first of all, a cobbler takes; complete detail of big shoes, from the customer, from where the shoe is large as a ball of feet area is large? or toe box is big?

After getting an answer for instance from the customer the shoemaker may help you by adding extra gel padding. Because the gel padding takes some space from a ball of feet area. This is also helpful for making shoes comfortable with a great fit from the top side to below.

With this method, you can get a better fit in every type of footbeds like leather, and rubber. This one process is highly recommendable for those who shop wrong size pair & want to makes a good fit for well-wear.

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2.  By Placing Heel-grip

The big shoes are known for slip. That’s why the cobbler applies this process. Moreover, this is also a very supportive process which to make shoes shrink or tight the always. You just need a heel grip & add it to the boot pair.

The tilting grip comes with a sticker. So, add a sticky part inside the shoe. This trick replaces your big shoe with a small shoe. When you uploaded this grip inside the shoes, they will resize and look like a heel-grip is part of this shoe. This item works to change bigger footwear length into a little size.

So, in the case of big shoes, you should try them, and check the performance of the grip.

Usually, the above-mention methods; are applied by the cobbler to make shoes smaller. Both ways are cheap in budget but give a wide range of benefits.

If you don’t want to go to the shoemaker shop; then, apply them by yourself to reduce shoe size & adjust the fitting with a high cushioning service. I hope you will get a long-last advantage by inserting any one process.

But many peoples want to know that can a cobbler make sandals smaller?

The answer is “yes” because sandals are the easiest shoe pair to make little if they are bigger. Although, your special sandal pair would have a strap option that is used to make the sandal as tight as possible as you can.

Another way; is to down the size is to cut the straps of sandal’s reduce the size of straps then stitch them again. I ensure that your shoe keeps good-looking, small, and works properly on common surfaces at home or in-store.

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By using these two tricks cobbler helps their customers to make sandals small. And the most important thing is that shoe style will be desired as you want.

Take services from insoles to make boots small

The cobbler repairs shoes to make them as they were before. Because the repair option is first & last to get stitch or sewing shoes to make them better if they are apart.

But sometimes for cobblers, it becomes difficult to repair shoes like that they become small and fit. Though, they try every possibility to make them according to your fit & size.

So, the cobbler also uses insole pairs to get snug comfort and smoothness inside the shoe. By putting inserts the width of the shoe pair will decrease.

If you’re working shoe pair is the largest; then you should buy full insole pairs which help to keep your feet stable and fit in size. This is a very easy method to get comfortable shoes that were uncomfortable.

Disadvantages of wearing large shoes

  • If you wear big size footwear your feet never get cushions, and they also increase the chances of slip.
  • Big-shoes did not offer arch support at any cost.
  • The large size footwears are not tighter rather stretcher and you can walk comfortably.
  • The bigger size boots do not give a roomy & soft feel to feet, and knees.
  • Footwear stretch does not give super fit, and footbeds repair may help to get the right fit.

Benefits of true fitting & size

  • You should choose and order the correct size in every shoe pair to get the best fit plus a combination of style & comfort.
  • True size shoes come to support & deliver stability, cushioning, and custom looks to feet.
  • By wearing the correct size your feet get relaxation and find, often roomy shells inside the shoe.
  • Best size & fit footwear work perfectly in tough conditions.
  • True size & fitting help to remove slipping chances and make them long-lasting for even for many years.
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Cobbler Make Shoes Smaller


Many people by chance get small shoes that are not true in size & fit. Then they go to the cobbler to repair them and reduce stretch. And the cobbler starts trying to apply one method out of the above mention methods.

Moreover, everyone uses these processes, tips, and tricks to remove stretching & get a true fitting. If your sandals or boots; are loose, stretch, and a big or little bit high in length, you must try our strategies on your beloved pairs. I hope it helps you.


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