Top 3 Best Shoes For Working at Starbucks [Honest Reviews]

Starbucks is the most famous coffee network in the world with headquarter located in Washington DC. It started its journey a few years ago in 1971 and at that time it was the only network of coffee shops in the USA. But now its network spread to different locations in each country of the world and not only offering coffee but also supplying coffee beans to well-reputed bars, coffee shops, restaurants.

It always hires top and good-mannered Starbucks baristas to get positive feedback about itself. That’s why it became a great brand in the whole world with the help of best deals as well within years. It is not only a coffee shop but it provides a new concept of an environment of taking coffee with good friends and family.

A barista must have a decent look while working at a Starbucks coffee shop. Like Starbucks shoes, Starbucks dress is also decent and attractive such as Starbucks apron.  You may also use classic shoes as Starbucks shoes.

Top 3 shoes for working at Starbucks Review

New employees need new shoe pairs to work at Starbucks and we are here to help you find the best shoes. Top 3 shoes are selected for work at Starbucks that assist your whole day working at Starbucks.

Skechers Felton Women’s Squad Sr Food Service Shoe:

Skechers for Work Women's Felton Calpet Work Shoe,Black,6.5 M US

It’s sole and upper are made of synthetic leather black in color that gives a decent look. The shaft is small and the sole is flexible and slip-resistant that an employee needs at the job. Tongue and collar both are fully padded with foam which makes it comfortable the whole day.

Back of the shoe and memory foam footbed take care of your feet heel. These allow you just giving super, favorite, high-rated, and inspired services to customers while presenting Starbucks. It is lightweight and protects you against electrical hazards.


  • It is easily available in stores and online.
  • It is slip-resistant even on spilled egg floor.
  • It is soft inside that protects you from injuries.
  • These are slip-resistant shoes.
  • Flexible Sole helps you in moving smoothly.
  • It is economic and protects you from electrical hazards.
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  • Its shaft is very small.

Most of our team members vote it and rated it 4.9/5.0

Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Men’s Herrington li Work Shoe:

Dr. Scholl's Shoes Men's Harrington II Work Shoe, Black, 12 W US

This shoe pair is one of the best options an employee has to wear. It is durable, beautiful, decent looking, and comfortable, with all these features its life is long-lasting. Their outsoles are rubber in nature, oil-resistant, and slip-resistant lockstep.

These are used in many offices and coffee shops with positive reviews. It is because one can easily take orders from customers for the whole day without pain in the heel or ankle. If you are going for a job interview, with a decent brown neat and clean outfit shirt and pent, you may make it part of your look.


  • You will get a good experience with its softness and comfort.
  • Made of 100% pure leather.
  • Its insoles don’t leave marks on your feet.
  • It is oil and slip-resistant.
  • It keeps your feet dry by Dri-lex moisture-wicking lining.
  • Its insole is made of memory foam and is anti-compression.


  • Few of the customers say that it is not lightweight.

The rating given to these work shoes by our team is 4.7/5.0.

Skechers for Work Men’s Cessnock Food Service Shoe:

Skechers Men's Cessnock Food Service Shoe, Black, 10 M US

People get the best deals at Starbucks and also expect that the crew serving them is looking professional. For this purpose, we have many options and get the best deals for Starbucks employees. These are the best Starbucks work shoes used by employees of different branches of Starbucks.

These are clothes shoes with rubber soles. Our team says that these clothing comfy shoes are the best selling shoes in the market among top work shoes. Customers said that women may also place Skechers products of footwear in their feet. Wearing these shoes, work is easy for many hours.

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  • Breathable mesh retains your feet fresh the day.
  • It is slip and oil resistant.
  • Textile and synthetic material makes it comfy shoes.
  • It is imported quality and the best online available Starbucks work shoes.
  • It has bungee lacing which means you don’t need to tie them again and again.
  • Memory foam footbed makes it comfortable.
  • Its tongue and collar both are padded.


  • Some of the users said that it is not slip-resistant.

The rating given by our team is 4.6/5.0

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Starbucks employees have to wear nonslip shoes?

No, Starbucks employees can’t wear nonslip shoes such as Jibbitz because they have to move on tiles and ask for coffee and Starbucks drinks in a friendly and creative way.

What are the best shoes for Baristas?

We have made a selection of already used options and get the best reviews about selected ones. Some many companies and brands created shoes and other accessories for the Starbucks community and centers but Nike Starbucks is creating the best partnership with Baristas.

We know that former Starbucks baristas bear different issues during Coronavirus lockdown but worked properly by buying their accessories online from Amazon and other marketing websites. But today, lockdown is lifted in different regions including the USA and there are many choices are in front of Baristas to consider

What does do Starbucks employees wear?

Starbucks employees wear Skechers, Dr. Scholl’s, Nike, Canvas, Star Armour, Vintage, Penn, and Blake sneakers. Schultz couldn’t be used, these are slippery.

What can you get from Starbucks?

You can place an order for hot and cold drinks, caffe latte, whole bean coffee, Espresso, micro-ground instant coffee. Come here and take Teavana tea products, Frappuccino Beverages, juices, snacks, and pastries as well. You may place your Starbucks order and pay using a Starbucks card.

It is a place of love, fashion, and style, so go there, stay there and fresh up your mind once in a week that keeps you away from a medical check. Play summer games there and can check your fortune to win prizes as well. Beauty and health are money so go there to charm up your beauty.

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It is also the best place to discuss personal ideas with your best friend. Buy using coupons, and offers to get discounts to pay less amount saving your money. For more information, you can visit the Starbucks website and feel free to contact the CEO and manager to get the right answers to your every question.



Our team says that a good barista always wears a dress according to the Starbucks dress code including pretty and rust-free pairs of shoes. A good barista must also be ready for sharing inspiration with customers in the United States of America.

Our team also suggests that employees must not wear slippery shoes because the floor of the coffeehouse is made of tiles and is slippery. Shoes for crews can make working easy and comfortable that’s why these are the best work shoes for a good barista. Shoes for crews are the best work shoes because they are slip-resistant shoes


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