Best Roller Skates for Wide Feet

Maybe it will be difficult for you to find the best roller skate for a wide foot but now, don’t worry this is the best platform that will help to choose the best roller skates for the wide foot in just a few minutes. Because we draft a list of fantastic skates.

If you are born with feet it’s not a big deal, just you need to choose every boot pair carefully according to your size or length, and width.

Additionally, roller skates that are not for wide feet become the cause of discomfort and pain, therefore by choosing great skate pairs including good looking, adjustable, fit, top in quality, and also high in comfort.

Our Selection of roller skates for wide feet

1. Chicago Roller Skates shoe Review

Chicago Bullet Men's Speed Roller Skate -Black Size 12

This is an iconic and versatile skates boot pair for your child. If you want to buy a classic, strong, and man-made shoe this Chicago roller skate is the right choice. By wearing these roller skates you can get good results.

These roller skates design in black color to make them attractive. They are very cute, beautiful, and come in various sizes from 4-12. So, you can choose any pair.

Material & Build

Chicago roller skates shoe designed with polyurethane and imported. These boots have high-quality adjustable laces for proper safety during the game. It the specially styled for skatings with supreme quality material. Most peoples love this product.

This shoe pair polyurethane wheels offer proper stability and ultimate control. This is the right pair for boys and girls. Moreover, this is the best roller skate for outdoor and indoor activities.

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You should try this item to get a variety of styles & stable feet. Now, place an order at amazon and get quick shipping.


  • This is a high-quality roller skate that makes sure true fit, and comfort for wide feet.
  • This is a good way to get high speed for fun.
  • These skates provide fantastic protection to your toes and well-cushioning.
  • This is the best skating product with adjustable laces for growing and little boys.
  • Best roller skate for racing & get real work performance.


  • It may not good for flat feet but cushion delivery is brilliant.

Rate: 4.5/5

2. Bont Quadster Roller for wide feet Review

Bont Skates - Quadstar Roller Skate Derby Package - Indoor Quad...

The Bont quadster is the best roller skate for wide feet. If anyone has wise feet problem don’t take it seriously just review this shoe pair to get super quality, comfort, and good feel all day. This roller skate gives a lot of energy to feet to get fast speed.

These roller skates are specially crafted for women to take part in different competitions and are also good for entry-level & professional skaters.

Besides this, thermoplastic in heels makes it an excellent skate for both wide narrow feet. This quad skates pair is a great one just go with them to get a fantastic performance.

The majority of women prefer to wear these Bont roller skates.

Material & Build

This roller skate is built with suede, leather, ethylene, steel alloy, and vinyl. Therefore, these skate pairs offer high protection to your toed like a guard. These are outstanding skates for beginners that have a wider foot. You can wear them throughout the year such as from Jan to Dec.

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And, the coaches recommend these new skates to women to use at home and learn good skills.


  • These roller skates give a good fit to a wider foot.
  • Ideal roller skate for wider foot women’s athletes for skating purposes.
  • This skate gives amazing toe safety and also to the forefoot.
  • These roller skate wheels have thermoplastic and 3-layers for safety purposes.
  • Its wheels offer a strong grip to wide or feet on every surface.


  • Low durability but an overall good option for wider feet.

Rate: 4.5/5

3. Chicago Bullet Ladies Speed Roller Skates Review

Chicago Bullet Ladies Speed Roller Skate –White Size 8

This is a fantastic roller skate for wide feet. The important fact is these skates are specifically engineered for children with advanced features.

However you need to focus on stability when you skating and this skate will also support give feet balance, control, and offers a possible strong grip on various surfaces.

Though, its urethane wheels offer ultimate control, and stability with the best quality speed that you need. Additionally, we know that every person wants high speed that’s why its manufacturer gives much attention to these skates’ speed and quality.

Material & Build

These roller skates are made with aluminum, manmade, polyurethane, nylon, and imported. These materials are high in quality to make sure long-last use and keep a smile on your face. Chicago Bullet ladies roller skate has a padded collar with heel pull loop.

Its best quality adjustable upper lac system gives high safety. They come in white & pink shades and are best for a wide foot. These leading skates pair give excellent user experience with elegant look & power to every women foot in the world.

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  • These skates offer stability and control over the feet.
  • Ideal skates for wide-foot kids.
  • Pro skates offer different sizing options.
  • Good in shape and fox the problem of wider foot.


  • Not for the hockey game.
  • Don’t use it as an ice skate.

Rate: 4.4/5

Best Roller Skates for Wide Feet


Now, the wide foot doesn’t matter for men and women. Because different brands like Adidas and Nike produce special shoes for wide feet. So, if you are a skating athlete but have wider feet, just come here and review every item carefully.

We choose the best roller skates for wide feet. These skates are best in quality, truly in fit & size, and perfect for wide feet people.


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