Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support In 2021- Complete Guide

Research conducted about ankle injuries in basketball concluded that the risk of ankle sprain in basketball is 3.85 per thousand players. 

Either a mild ankle twist or a severe ankle sprain is bound to happen someday in a basketball player’s life.

 I hope you remain safe, but if you are a basketball player, whether a professional player or the one who plays off and on. You might face this unpleasant incident someday.

 To avoid that, you need to choose the best basketball shoes for ankle support, so you may hopefully not confront any such bad experience.

Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support:

1.  Nike Men’s Fitness Shoes

Nike basketball shoes - Best Basketball Shoes for Weak Ankles

Here we are up with our first pick for you. If an item belongs to Nike, how could we expect that it would have any compromised quality?

Nike basketball shoes are the best basketball shoes for foot support. On top of its features, it has zoom air in its forefoot.

You can experience maximum bounce. It’s lightweight and maximum bouncing gives you a feeling as you are sliding through the clouds. (I exaggeratedly described this, I guess).

Let’s move to its next feature, and its material comprises rubber and synthetic outsole. These sneakers are better for indoor play. They provide you the perfect containment, as the lace-up feature will lock your feet correctly. After the time of the break-in, traction gets even better.

After analyzing all the features, it is one of the best basketball with good ankle support. Overall, they are very comfortable and seem quite durable.

As it is lightweight, provides responsive cushioning, and also supports up ankles. It should be for a person who does jumping more often. Centered players can choose this one.

Summary box:


  • Responsive cushioning and bounce
  • Lightweight
  • Good traction
  • Comfortable
  • Provides ankle support          


  • It runs long in size.
  • Synthetic material isn’t that durable.


These sneakers scored 92% as per our expert evaluation.

2.  Adidas Men’s Dame 5

adida - Best Basketball Shoes for Weak Ankles

Adidas, a famous brand for selling sportswear around the world, next pick is from this brand. Its upper material is made up of suede, which is very durable. Lace-up is the closure type of this item; it locks your foot inside the shoe and provides you stability.

The midsole is bouncy, which gives you lightweight and provides additional cushioning. It is the feature that aids you in quick changing of directions.

The outsole is synthetic. It has a herringbone pattern, which is known for providing enhanced traction. It has more excellent traction.

Summary box:


  • Three colors available
  • 4.6 rating, which is quite good
  • Greater traction
  • Maximum cushioning and bouncing experience
  • Herringbone pattern giving more traction
  • Outriggers giving lateral stability


  • Some buyers complained about sliding off the shoes or hardwood floors.
  • Synthetic leather on the forefoot seems cheap.


These sneakers have scored 95% as per our expert evaluations.

3.  Adidas Men’s Dame 5

adidas--Best Basketball Shoes for Weak Ankles

Our next product is again, a collection from Adidas. It has a rubber sole and synthetic fabric. It has a textile upper, which provides comfort.

Its outsoles have zonal herringbone rubber, which gives these sneakers an additional grip over the floor.

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Its upper is very comfortable because it is made up of suede. Bouncing midsoles provide lightweight cushioning.

Midfoot extensions give you lateral stability. These are good for wide feet people. You can play high and low with these sneakers.

Summary box:


  • Three colors
  • Its rating is 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon.
  • Reasonable price
  • Higher traction
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Good for wide feet


  • It may have vacuum over toes.


It got 90% ratings as per our expert evaluations.

4.  Nike Women’s Basketball Shoes

nike basketball shoes -Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support

Nike basketball shoes have shoes for women here. These sneakers have high tops. Lace-up is the most common closure type that it has. It has a good grip over the ground.

They are visually pleasing; you can even wear them at gatherings and events. Jokes aside, these basketball shoes are comfortable from within.

Hightops provide your ankle stability and keep them safe from injury. So these are the best basketball shoes for weak ankles.

It only has one problem. Buyers say that these cannot be easily put on. However, after wearing them, everything settles down. But this effort at the time of taking on or putting down sucks.

They have good ankle support, which makes them the best basketball shoes for ankle support.

Summary box:


  • Provide ankle stability
  • Comfortable
  • Good traction
  • It’s Amazon rating is 4.2 out of 5


  • It cannot easily be wear on or put down.
  • One thing to note before ordering is that these sneakers are in women’s size


It attained 88% ratings in our expert evaluations.

5.  Under Armour Curry 3

under armour - Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support

Stephen Curry’s third signature model, Under Armour Curry 3, delivers support and control in a lightweight manner. Under Armour creates the best basketball shoes for ankle support just like other famous brands, i.e., Adidas and Nike basketball shoes.

The upper has a lace-up, which locks the foot inside. It has a perfect balance of breathable support due to tread borne upper. It gives reliable protection to your ankle and provides flat footwear.

It has high quality and beautifully crafted design. The midsole provides enhanced cushioning and comfort. It perfectly fits with your feet as antifoam delivers high quality cushioning.

Its outsoles have high traction. Molded heel counter delivers more comfort. It allows you to move multi-directional.

Summary box:


  • Provides stability
  • Exceptional crushing
  • Stability
  • Comfort
  • Amazon rating is 4.4 out of 5


  • Few buyers complained that they got the wrong color or size.


It got a 93% rating in our expert evaluations.

6.  Nike Men’s Hyperdunk 2015 PRM

Nike basketball shoes - best basketball shoes for foot support.

A massive round of applause for the entry of another Nike Basketball shoes in our list. These shoes are pretty good.

I will start sharing its features from the bottom. It has a very comfortable rubber sole. This also has a herringbone pattern on it, which means it gives extra traction and grip.

These are the high top shoes covering your ankles and providing them enough support. It takes a while to break- in. They have a lace-up closure and have firewire technology throughout their middle.

It means your feet would get correctly locked inside the shoes. It wraps around the ankle and protects the whole foot.

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These are also lightweight. So many features in one only. It has good durability, quality, and comfort. These are some of the best basketball shoes for weak ankles.

Summary box:


  • Durable and comfortable
  • High ankle support
  • Good traction
  • Lightweight
  • It has 4.4 ratings on amazon.


  • They were trying to find faults with these innocent beautiful shoes. Some buyers complained about getting the wrong sizes.
  • Some found them uncomfortable.


It got 93% ratings as per our expert evaluations.

7.  Nike Adapt Bb 2.0 Men’s Bq5397-001

Nike - best basketball shoes for foot support.

Presenting you a product different from all the previous ones. This ODD and the WEIRD product is Nike Adapt Bb 2.0.

First of all, check out its design, MAN. Its appearance is significantly better than the original version.

These shoes appear futuristic. These shoes have incredible and strange features in them. First of all, it is laceless, but it can be tightened or loosened up electronically.

You can press the button present at the side of the shoe’s bottom, and your boots automatically tighten up. You can tighten up those shoes even with a mobile app.

A peculiar feature. Right? It can change the light colors of the button with the mobile app.

Shoes get charged by placing over a wireless charging pad. Nike upgraded the previous original version and added a new soft upper material. Now the feet can quickly get in and put on from the shoes.

These shoes might have stunning features and amazing looks. Tightening laces with an app sounds fun. But these shoes are not perfect.

These shoes are not as comfortable as other shoes are. These are heavier.

Shoes having batteries in the bottom can’t be comfortable and lightweight. However, this upgrade to 2.0  Nike also incorporated air zoom turbo at the sides, which improved it a little.

Although these are more massive shoes and are less comfortable, they have cool looks and incredible features.

Summary box:


  • Cool features
  • Amazing look
  • Wireless charging
  • Electronic laces


  • Heavy
  • Less comfortable
  • Expensive


They do have calm and amazing features. But it got a lower score in our ratings. It scored 90%.

8.  Under Armour Men’s Jet Mid Basketball Shoe

under armour - best basketball shoes for foot support.

Another model of Under Armor does not disappoint us with its features. It has a sole rubber outside, which is durable and works great indoors but also outdoors.

Its upper material is made up of synthetic, which will give you maximum support and breathability.

This has EVA sock liners at the bottom, which will give you enhanced cushioning. It is lightweight and helps in high jumping. If you the type of player who does vicious cuts and high jumps, you can consider this one. It has a molded heel at the bottom, and your foot perfectly locks it in.

Rubber sole with unique traction patterns provides you maximum grip. Upper, synthetic material is breathable. Its impressive size gives your ankle good support while playing.

Summary box:


  • Good cushioning
  • Better traction
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable inside
  • Ankle support
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  • Some buyers complained about not getting the exact size. Take this into account before buying this.
  • Some say that tongue is extra large. And it is challenging to manage it.


It got 88% ratings as per our expert evaluation.

9. Under Armour Men’s Team Drive 4 Basketball Shoe

under armour - Do Basketball Shoes Help ankles?

Under Armour comes with pretty cool features of basketball shoes. Under Armour Drive 4 is made up of synthetic and textile material. The bottom sole is of rubber, having a herringbone pattern.

Under Armour uses these proven and tried herringbone patterns and does not mess around; I like this feature. The bottom side herringbone pattern looks durable. It can be used to play outdoor.

The upper material seems a  little off quality. It has a  lace-up closure system, which locks the foot perfectly inside the sneaker. The textile upper is lightweight and is breathable.

It has an EVA sock liner, which gives you cushioning and stability. If you look at the style and shape, it has pleasing aesthetics. It’s cushioning is also good.

Suppose you are a player who makes quick moves and becomes explosive on the hardwood. Then, don’t forget to move these sneakers on your radar.

These have enhanced traction and maximum support. Its herringbone pattern prevents slips. However, some buyers complained that their feet sweated in the shoes after an hour.

Summary box:


  • 2 colors are available
  • Its amazing rating is 4.5 out of 5
  • Enhanced cushioning
  • More comfortable
  • Provides ankle support


  • Buyers complained that their feet start sweating after an hour.


It got a 95 % score in our expert evaluations.

10. Adidas Men’s dame 5

adidas - Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support

This is the same product as Adidas Dame 5 given above. The only difference arrives in materials. It is made up of textile and synthetic material. It has a rubber sole.

It has a lace-up closure type; it perfectly fits your foot, giving you a very comfortable feeling inside. Its midsole has bounce cushioning, which will provide you maximum comfort and flexibility.

Its rubber sole leads to the maximum grip. You can play low and fast with your super comfortable soft suede shoes. Bounce midsole provides you lightweight cushioning.

It has outriggers that offer you lateral stability. So you can do quick changes of directions without worrying about your ankle sprain.

Summary box:


  • Maximum cushioning
  • Excellent grip
  • Lateral stability


  • Material seems cheap
  • Runs small sometimes


It scored 96 % as per our expert evaluations.