Are Birkenstocks Good for Flat Feet? 

If you have a flat it is a signature of irregular feet from childhood. The flat feet did not offer stable movement in various conditions. There are various kind of problems happens due to flat feet that’s why peoples ask are Birkenstocks good for flat feet or not?

But before answering this question we will present some major facts which support finding the answer to this question.

Problems Occur due to Flat-Feet

  • Flat feet make walking difficult on a variety of floors.
  • You will be tired by standing for a long-time.
  • You don’t feel comfortable, and the soft shell in every shoe cause flat feet.
  • Running will become the toughest for you.
  • Due to flat feet maybe pain occurs in the ankle, heel, and toes.
  • Due to flat feet maybe boots size, and fit issues occur.

What are Birkenstocks shoes?

Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Sandal,Black Birko-Flor,41 M EU

The Birkenstocks shoes are the pair of the most comfortable footwear for everyone. They were developed by Germany. And succeeded by the USA. In 1996 designers and dressmakers go to Germany for holidays.

They experience Birkenstock footwear and feel comfy, soft, and stylish shoe pair. When they came back to the USA they decided to launch Birkenstock footwear in America and all over the world.

They import a design from Germany and launch this product in the USA and over the globe. Firstly they launch with flower design which gets huge popularity in the world.  These shoes look wide and best in quality.

Moreover, traditionally, these shoe pairs are good-looking and well-known for rubber and cork material. They are reliable and great to wear for indoor and outdoor activities. This footbed is most favored by women to get better balance and flexibility.

These shoe pairs are best to shop online from amazon and also physical stores.

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Now the question is that Are Birkenstock Good for Flat Feet?

The Birkenstock are excellent sandals for everyone because they provide high arch support. Additionally, they help all the people to keep the right position of the foot inside the sandal pair.

This one shoe has is most loveable footwear for every woman they are perfect as they like. Moreover, its toe is wide and style to make a strong grip inside the shoe.

These sandals meet women’s fashion and style needs by offering relief from plantar fasciitis. You can wear them throughout the year from Jan, Feb. To Nov. and Dec. Because they are breathable, great for wide footed and prevent your-self from fallen.

Some features & functions of Birkenstock sandals

  • These sandals are great because it helps to distribute your weight in equal portions.
  • They provide extra & most reliable arches support to everyone.
  • Best choice for women and men to stabilize & maintain the foot.
  • Made with leather for organic purposes.
  • Multiple features to keep the foot healthy with exceptional comfort and softness.
  • They help to stimulate blood circulation adequately.
  • This footwear offers a pain-free duration during walking and running.
  • These shoes are useable by athletic men and women for indoor activities and they offer high safety.
  • These footbeds are wearable without socks and they will help in keeping your foot cool in the summer season.
  • They create with thick soles, which you can see in pick cause to prevent dirt and sand to enter into the shoe.
  • The Birkenstocks are good and help to bring a variety of styles with roomy touch for the whole day or days.

BIRKENSTOCK Women's Mayari Sandal, Stone, 38 R EU, 7-7.5 M US

So, now we have some knowledge about Birkenstocks footbed and also about flat feet. This is the right time to decide they are good for flat feet or not?

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If you have a flexible fallen arch then these footwears are the right choice to wear. Even you can wear them for many days and they will work great.

But the side, if you have full rigid flat feet then these shoe pairs are not the right choice for you. Because they will offer higher arch support which can become a cause of pain or hurt. And the results were poor. Therefore we don’t recommend this footwear for extra flat feet.

Some Better suggestions for exceptional comfort, and softness from Birkenstock footwears

In this section, we collect some tips which help you to get positive results, fits, from Birkenstock’s shoe pairs.

  • At the time of strapping, must consider leaving much space between the strap and your foot then foot fingers will move naturally.
  • The important thing is that when walking with these footbeds make sure your foot did not touch the edge of footwear.
  • If you wearing it for many hours, and days may be pain occurs in your heels then stop wearing more.
  • If you want to break Birkenstock must wear this sandal pair for at least 40-50 minutes every day.

Benefits of wearing Birkenstock sandals

  • Ideal shoes for narrow feet and for sportsmen and women to wear for walking outside the home.
  • These sandals include in market trends since 1996 cause stylish and still comfortable.
  • They are budget-friendly.
  • Birkenstock keeps your foot safe from heat and gives relief to those who suffer from arch issues.
  • With these sandals & denim, you can get a classic look.
  • Its couple of straps are adjustable.
  • Cute in shape and quick on/off make them favorite sandals for ladies.
  • These shoes are good for a variety of feet but not rigid flat feet.
  • These shoes heels are the low high and better option for flip-flops.
  • Birkenstock comes in various colors and sizes, choose according to your choice.
  • The Birkenstock shoes offer high cushioning to your foot.
  • These Birkenstock shoes take care of your foot like a baby.
  • Muscles alignment in the right way.
  • Actually, this is the best item for millions of users.
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Are Birkenstocks Good for Flat Feet


The Birkenstocks shoes lovers want to buy good Birkenstock to keep their feet protective, comfortable, and great fit. In this blog, we are trying to help you find the answer to the question by the millions of people is Birkenstock good for flat feet?

I hope above mentioned all facts will help you. So, the Birkenstock is good for fallen arch but not for rigid full flat foot. But some experts suggest these shoes for flat feet. But, it’s up to your choice, and need.

Moreover, these shoe pairs have great reviews and are also recommended products by orthopedics for arch support.


Benefits of Wearing Birkenstocks in the Summer

Care for Your Feet

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