Adidas vs Nike Sizing Comparison

Adidas and Nike are the most popular brands in the world for the manufacturing of sports apparel including shoes, shirts, pants, caps, belts, and much more.

Adidas is a German brand on the other hand Nike is an American brand. But both work perfectly by keeping in mind fashion, style, and feet health. These footbed makers are most loveable by millions of people’s athletes, and sportsmen across the world.

These footwear makers produce a huge variety of shoes for men, women, and also for kids.

Adidas Vs Nike

Adidas’s production line is most affordable than Nike’s. According to millions of reviews Adidas shoe’s price range starts from low to high. And Nike shoes are the best innovation. Nike is also affordable but its prices are a little bit more than Adidas shoes.

Moreover, Adidas create iconic footwears for trainers, sportsmen, and athletes to wear & get bigger advantages. The Adidas footwear gives a true fit to the user and bouncy steps during walking and running.

The Nike shoes are also flexible, comfortable, and air max. Moreover, the Nike professional gives more attention to style, and colors. Both brands have official websites and physical outlets over the globe.

You can also check the variety of boots including sneakers at the store or a website to check the differences between the products of Nike, and Adidas. Now, the time to review Adidas vs Nike sizing.

Adidas Vs Nike Sizing Comparison

The Adidas sizing is different from Nike. They are not the same due to some causes. The sizing of shoe pairs is the most important fact to get the true fitting. Because, true dimensions make your feet comfortable during walking, training, and standing.

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Adidas to Nike Sizing Footwears Transition

If you want to get a hundred percent correct breadth in Nike or Adidas shoe pair you must follow the size chart of these brands. Moreover, both companies give normal size charts for men, women, and also kids. There are two conversions available including inches & centimeters for US shoe dimensions.

The Adidas brand show UK, EU, and JP on the width chart. But the Nike size chart includes just US sizes. The Adidas size is large than Nike up to 5 millimeters. For example, If you are a woman & have size 8 in Adidas shoes, it means your feet size is 9.7 inches lengthy.

On the other side, this size in Nike shoes will be 9.62-inches. Besides that, women’s size 6.2 in Nike shoes translates to 9.2 for Adidas. This is not a small difference between Adidas & Nike. Before buying any shoe must understand this difference in foot size.

Benefits of taking Right Size shoes

  • It is sure the true fitting always gives a better user experience.
  • With the right shoe size, you will get full enjoyment with comfort & roomy feel.
  • A true fitting gives the best working results on various conditions.
  • You can find the right sizes in Adidas & Nike by following the breadth chart, and our guide-line.
  • If you have the right width & length in a sneaker, you can run easily.
  • May size conversion charts are available online to get proper fit.
  • Right-sizing helps to keep the balance structure of feet inside the boot pair.
  • If you have the right sizing shoe your feet boost the energy level in the ground.
  • The correct sizing always supports to get high speed and makes you tennis champion.
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How to avoid bad fit in size

  • Please, don’t buy any boots from any brand without mapping your foot size from heel to larger finger or toe.
  • With the passage of time, age, and pregnancy your feet sizing can be changed, so don’t consider you have the same boot dimension. You need to measure feet first then go to the market to buy any footbed.
  • You can ask size chart from the brand where you buying boots. So, don’t take risk of size conversion, and waste many hours in the market.
  • If you use inserts’ to get comfort & support then must try insoles in your shoes because it can make boots tight.
  • The socks are another fact that can tight your footbed, you can try socks before buying any edition from a retailer or brand.
  • Nike is a leading group than Adidas & reebok but must check the dimension chart before purchasing any boots from Nike or other footwear makers.

Important Tips

  • Both men and women must take a time to read reviews and compare Adidas & Nike footwear.
  • Nike vs Adidas has a 30-days returning policy, if you get the wrong footage then return the footwear.
  • Men and women can walk, run, and even jump to check the comfort of boot pairs.
  • If you found they are well in working performance then you can wear them all day.

Adidas vs Nike Sizing Comparison


The sizing is a big concern to buy any new footwear. Because if you are going to shop latest boots or apparel or clothing but you have not proper size information of own feet and body. It will be very difficult to choose the right item.

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That’s why you must have enough knowledge about size converse. And, by choosing the wrong size in your exclusive boot pair your feet can be harmful. In this modern world variety of brands exist like

Saucony, Adidas, Reebok, Nike, and brooks. All these companies make sportswear for gamers in various sizes. But the Adidas vs Nike sizing is different for men, and women’s footwear.


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